Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Project Ohio Rose

This pattern was in the April 2008 issue of "Quilter's World" magazine.

In the magazine it is called, "Antique Ohio Rose". There are, 112 flower centers, 448 flower petals, and 128 leaves. The finished quilt will go on my daughters bed and instead of pink she would like the flowers purple.

I will start this project as soon as my BOM is done.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Bom Is half done

For the past 6 months I have been working on "Burning The Midnight Oil" block of the month, "Taylor's Tulips".
Heather Finnell has out done herself. This has been a great project and a real challenge for me. I have had to push myself to do the applique. But, with a new found technique I am now finding applique can be fun.
There I said it. LOL Applique can be FUN!!
So, Heather I hope 1/2 done still meets your expectations. LOL
I'll finish the applique tomorrow and put on the borders.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

current project

I was hired to make a quilt using homespun fabrics.

This is a block pattern that I am using, each block is 12.5 unfinished and I made 30 of them.

Step Mom

Our 80 pound dog has taken over the care and cuddling of the kittens.

She has become step mom

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ultimate Cowboy Challenge

The barn where I board my horse has this "Cowboy Challenge" every year and WOW what fun!!!
They took the time to set up all kinds of different obstacles to test the horse and rider.
Cross a bridge
Jump or walk over rail road ties
Cross a ditch
Cross a dirt road
Jump a ditch
Ride up to the chicken coop and remove an egg (while in your saddle)
Ride a few feet and give the egg to a judge without breaking it.
Back through some hay bails
Get mail out of the mail box
Cross the road
Walk into the pond and around a fence
Cross the road
Remove a tarp from a barrel and drag it be hind your horse (LOL) lost a few riders there
Cross the road open the gate into the arena
Shoot a 22 at a target while on your horses back.
Close the gate
Finally, Load your horse onto a trailer
The whole time you are being timed, lol and earning points.
It was so much fun, and a great lesson as to what you need to work on for next year LOL
Although Bear and I had to pass on the pond, and the tarp he also would NOT load onto the trailer. LOL
All in all we had a great time. It is so neat getting together with other riders and just letting loose and having fun. After the ride a dish to pass dinner was shared by all of us and there was even a bond fire.
It was just a great!!
Enjoy the photos.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Please ware a helmet

I hope the story below will be enough to show you how important it is to ware a helmet.

It was copied from an e-mail.

I am writing this letter to each of you tonight after having Witnessed a horrible accident this past weekend. It happened in New York - a weekend "get away" with family reunion and wedding we were Attending, but the best thing was we were meeting with friends I've Made over the years back where I was raised as a kid. I couldn't Wait. We all met at Mendon Ponds, a beautiful park I'm sure, to ride Together. We never got to ride. A series of calamities happened that Will forever change our lives and snuffed the life of one of our Riders. She never got to go home to her son. One of the horses had a bad time in one of the trailers, so a couple Of the other horses were spooked. One of the riders, a woman, got On her horse to try to settle it down and ride it down a bit before
We rode off. She was not wearing a helmet. Another horse, the same one who had problems in the trailer, bucked his rider off and in Doing so the saddle slipped, sending the horse flying around the Parked vehicles, close to a road and eventually, as the saddle was Still hanging under its belly, the horse took off for parts unknown (later he was caught and has some lacerations, but otherwise Survived). His rider did not. Somehow, her head was smashed against a low Limb on a tree, the next thing we knew, she was lying on the ground. What we thought was her breathing was actually her blood pumping out Of her body as her brain was no longer functioning to tell the rest Of the body to shut down. We didn't know all that and of course did Everything we could, thinking she was still alive. Part of her brain Were on the front of her along with a lot of blood. Why am I sending you this message? Because those of us who were her Friends, who were there are still in mourning with this tragedy. Could it have been avoided - we don't know. But what we do know is That a helmet would at least have protected her head and multiple Head injury was listed as the cause of death.

So, the next time you Think that wearing a helmet is not cool or for sissies - try to stop Being so selfish about your beauty and think about what an accident Like this does to everyone else around you. Thank God she died, as There wasn't much brain left on her left side. Does this sound Gruesome? I hope so, because as I'm writing this, I'm crying so hard I can't read what I'm writing. Please, wear a helmet when you ride. The image of my friend lying on the ground with bits of her brain Splattered around in a pool of blood is am image that will be with me For years. Please, put on your helmets - think of those who will find You, those you leave behind, your friends and relatives. They care - And maybe you are doing what you want to do, but there are those of Us left who need to try to go on with our lives who will forever be Left with a bloody, gruesome scene that will never go away.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Going out on a limb

Well, a few years ago I had a quilt judged at the Lancaster Pa quilt show. Well, it's time to try again. I have decided to enter my Feathered Star. It was machine pieced and hand quilted.

There is still a lot of quilting to get done, but I have 4 months to finish. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed.