Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lola has new Lights

1 handy husband + $167. and some change + 4.5 hours =

One heck of a light system over my long arm. LOL
Randy put pencil to paper and drew out this lighting system for over the long arm. WOW
I love it. There are similar systems on the market that sell for around $500 more or less.
This means much more to me too. Randy thought of my needs as he put this together.
He used 1.5 inch pvc, some strapping, two 4 foot florescent shop lights, and mounted the switch onto the under side of Lola. One flick of the switch and both lights come on.
He is really a keeper this husband of mine and I love him to death.

Enjoy the photos. LOL

With the lights off...

With the lights ON! lol

View from my kitchen. There is plastic on the window so there is a reflection. There are only two 4 foot light hangning. The chandler will come down tomorrow and go into my foyer.

The view from my front porch, outside looking in, LOL guess I better cover the windows now. No more quilting in my pj's LOL

Thanks again to that DH of mine. LOL guess I better bake some cookies or even a cake.