Friday, March 27, 2009

What do 358 leaf templates look like?

There are 360 leaf templates. Each staple holds four templates, and the next step will be to iron the templates onto the fabric of my choice, cut out the templates and glue the seam allowances.
This will be a time consuming project. LOL

before it becomes a quilt

I thought I would show you what all the parts look like before they become a quilt.
This is going to be a queen size quilt. There are 147 Nine Patch blocks that will be set with alternating white on white blocks. There are also 36 flowers, 20 butterflies, 42 leaves that will be appliqued on a 5 inch wide border. It is going to be a very bright quilt that will have a wonderful home with a Ashley and Josh.
I'll post photos of the finished top next week.