Monday, October 26, 2009

I am so Blessed

The past two days I have been able to ride my horse with friends and not suffer much pain. Something I wouldn't have been able to do a few months ago. And, even though the Dr.s say no more working I am so blessed. Today I was able to walk up to the pasture and get Bear, walk back to the barn. We rode for 2 hours, and I was able to walk him back to the pasture. Thank God for leading us to the Dr who did the bypass surgery on my leg. Without him, I wouldn't be enjoying these pleasure. Even though I won't be able to walk 2 miles at a time again, at least I can walk short distances without pain. I am Blessed.
My family has been so supportive. They have been by my side threw everything. The good, the bad, and yes the ugly. The scars I now have are pretty ugly. lol
They have held my hand, wiped my tears, listened to me scream and encouraged me along the way. Randy had to become Mr. Mom, work full time and become care giver to his wife. The children had to grow up faster then most, but I never heard them complain. I am Blessed.
I have such wonderful friends, quilters and non-quilters. I have become so close to the owners of the barn where I board my horse we are an extended family. This past year we have ridden together, cried together and prayed together often. Their friendship and support have meant so much to me. Then there is my Thursday riding buddy. Amazing how God brings people together. She and I met that first month I brought Bear to the barn and we became good friends. She and I have been threw the sorrow of loosing her mare, the excitement of finding her gelding and the fear of me not being able to ride again. There isn't anything we haven't talked about while lost in the wood. LOL I am Blessed.

Of course I still have my quilts. Quilting has saved my life in so many ways. There were times, when the pain was at it's worse, that I could only sew for an hour at a time, it still gave me something to keep my mind busy. It's pretty hard to feel sorry for yourself when your using a rotary cutter. LOL There is something that happens to me when I sit behind a sewing machine. Concentrating on following a pattern, getting the seams right, making sure your fabric is in the right place, that keeps your mind so busy you don't have time to think about anything else. Maybe this is something only another quilter would understand. I am Blessed
So, today has been a wonderful day, it's been a long time coming. I wanted to share how good I feel. I AM BLESSED! I AM BLESSED. Thanks to God I AM BLESSED.