Monday, June 29, 2009

Recovery is going well

Today was a good day. I even sat at the sewing machine for about 20 min. I haven't been up to the barn yet to see Bear, or have I been over to see Skittles. But, I am feeling much better.

The home health nurse came in today and decided I only need her to visit just one day for the next two weeks. I return to the surgeon on the 13th and she wants to see me until then. I am hoping he will lift my restrictions. Having a 10 pound lifting, no pushing or pulling restrictions sure can put a cramp in my style. LOL

I still have some swelling in my right leg where the vein was taken, but the black and blue is all gone. I have a few places that are very hard, just the body healing. I know it is a little less then two weeks post-operation, but I really wish things would hurry up and get some what back to normal. LOL

I know I should be very happy with the way things are going. But, I am not one to sit around and let people wait on me. It is soooo hard for me.

Well, have a great night
Hope you and your families are all safe and sound.
Until I post again, Peaceful Piecing.