Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The quilt of the Week

I pinned yet another quilt on the grace frame today. My "Baltimore Blues" applique quilt. Lastnight I was in chat talking about how to quilt it and a couple of friends suggested that I try the "McTavish" Quilting style. This style of quilting is named after it's developer Karen McTavish.

I did some internet research, talked to a few longarm quilters and gave it a try. So, here is my attempt of her style of quilting. It may not be perfect, but I like how it looks and it's only on the boarder so far. Hopefully by the time I hit the blocks it may look better.

the view from my sewing chair

The pile on the left has 17 total, it is quilts that will not fit on the grace frame.

The pile on the right are tops that will fit on the grace frame and there are 15 of them.

The two in the middle are tops that I want hand quilted.

I hope in a few weeks the pile on the right will be much smaller.