Monday, June 29, 2009

Recovery is going well

Today was a good day. I even sat at the sewing machine for about 20 min. I haven't been up to the barn yet to see Bear, or have I been over to see Skittles. But, I am feeling much better.

The home health nurse came in today and decided I only need her to visit just one day for the next two weeks. I return to the surgeon on the 13th and she wants to see me until then. I am hoping he will lift my restrictions. Having a 10 pound lifting, no pushing or pulling restrictions sure can put a cramp in my style. LOL

I still have some swelling in my right leg where the vein was taken, but the black and blue is all gone. I have a few places that are very hard, just the body healing. I know it is a little less then two weeks post-operation, but I really wish things would hurry up and get some what back to normal. LOL

I know I should be very happy with the way things are going. But, I am not one to sit around and let people wait on me. It is soooo hard for me.

Well, have a great night
Hope you and your families are all safe and sound.
Until I post again, Peaceful Piecing.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am in trouble deep

A very Close and Dear friend of mine just had to show me the cover quilt on the new addition of the "Fons & Porter Love of Quilting" magazine. You see, I have this deep love of 1930 reproduction prints, and the featured quilt on the front cover is made using just such fabric.

Judy, Thank you sweetie, picked up a copy of the magazine for me, and while I sit here in my chair with my feet up, waiting for the swelling to go down, I have been drooling for days.

As soon as I am up to it, I am going to have Randy drive me to a really neat little amish quilt shop that has a wonderful selection of repo prints. This will be my first big project after surgery. But, this will all depend on if I can sit at the sewing machine or not. lol

Have a wonderful day,


Friday, June 26, 2009

Rainy day in PA

It was a very rainy day here in Northeastern Pa. We saw hail stones as large as a quarters in some areas. Ours wasn't that large but sure did make a very loud noise when hitting the ceiling light.

I worked on an applique quilt block today. I can't sew at the machine yet, but can applique the days away. I found the pattern for the block in EQ5 and designed the rest of the quilt myself.

While we were in MD for Amanda's wedding I drove to a really cute little quilt shop in DE and picked up some fabric, Moda's "Nature's Chorus" that's the fabric line that I am using for this new project.

I hope to post a photo of the applique block tomorrow. This quilt won't be a large quilt, a little larger then lap size. I need to come up with a name for the new quilt. It will have to do something healing.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


For the past few years I have been making new friends in an instant relay chat room named "Quiltchat". This is a chat room run by quilters for quilters so we have a safe place to share our love of quilting.
The friendships I have made in this chat room can not be explained. ALL the gals I chat with on a daily bases are wonderful and live all around the world. Recently I was given a "love quilt" that 30 of the women donated a block for and it was quilted by a long armer in MD. There are blocks from all around the world.
This really is a special chat room. If your a quilter, looking to meet other quilters your just a click away from meeting some of the loveliest ladies in the world.
Hope to see you in chat
Penny~aka NinePatch

I am Home! let the healing begin

The surgery took 3.5 hours but was successful!!! I discovered that I have nerve damage in my left leg that more then likely has been there for awhile but I didn't know it because I didn't feel it. With the bypass and the improved blood flow, I can now feel the damage and it is starting to heal causing a great pain.

No one can tell me how long this new pain will last, but the medicine they have me on is helping. I have to walk with a walker and no driving for a month.

At this point in the healing process I would have to say that I am questioning myself for putting myself threw this crap. But, I bet in an other week of healing my feelings will change.

Hugs to you all, and thank you friends for your support

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cute Quilt shop in MD

It's a rainy day here in MD. so why not shop? I did little Internet searching and found, "Serendipity" it's just 30 miles from Ocean City and a wonderful little shop. The gals there were so helpful and very friendly. I had no problem leaving some cash behind. lol They gave me a really cute bag for my first visit. If you ever get in the area, I would suggest that you stop by and say "Hi"

Here is their link:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Beach Wedding

On Monday, June 1st our daughter was married on the beach in Ocean City. The two families are now enjoying a week long vacation. Sounds strange I know, but it was the newly weds idea that the families join them on their honeymoon.

Bride with her hair done


Then comes the veil.