Monday, October 31, 2011

I am so excited!! I have a quilt pattern featured in a quilt magazine, "Sew Scrappy" by Better Homes and Garden. It's on page 80 of the magazine.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

WOW where in the world have the months gone?   The Millie is up, running and the word has gotten out that I am quilting for others.  I am getting very busy and LOVE it!  It didn't take Randy long to set me up with some new lights. I can now be seen from the street and than some. 

 I have had a small bump in the road with my health.  I had a blood clot form on my spine that caused a disk to bulge.  The clot has resolved it's self but the bulge remains.  I am currently at the mercy of our insurance company and jumping through the hoops.  I am doing Physical Therapy 3 days a week and they have given me a tens unit and it works wonders.

My mom was placed on hospice care this past week.  Even though it was hard to hear the words we all saw it coming.  Mom has suffered from COPD for years and it would be such a blessing.  She has suffered so much to long. 

Our family has grown by one, I adopted a 9 year old Seal Point Himalayan.  Our area had some major flooding that caused her and her elderly owner to become displaced.  His family placed him in a group home and the poor cat could not go with him.  I adopted her from a local shelter after I was give word that she was looking for a new home.  I have renamed her Sophie after Sophia Loren.  She is an amazing cat. This is my first Himmy and it won't be my last.

After a 5 year hiatus I entered a quilt in our county fair and much to my surprise I took a first place and viewer choice.  I am getting ready to enter it in 3 other shows then it will be give to Samantha. 

That is a quick catch up on my little world. I'll try and post more often. 
I hope the past few months have been good for you as well.  Take care.  Penny