Sunday, July 19, 2009

Started sewing again

With the wedding on June first, and my surgery on June 17th there were a few projects left in the sewing room untouched.

So, today I picked up where I left off. I am going to finish "Charlotte's Scrappy Quilt".

Designed by Debbie Beaves of the Violet Patch inc. this country colored quilt uses pre-printed panels. I fell in love with the colors when I first saw this quilt. And luck have it, a local fabric shop carried the whole line of fabrics. I am setting the 4th row of blocks, I hate sewing on point blocks. LOL The goal is to finish the top tomorrow. OH wait! I have a Dr. appointment in Rochester tomorrow. Go back to the surgeon for my post op visit. HMM Ok, so new goal, finish the top on Tuesday.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Have a great day


Vintage to the Rescue!!

While in Quiltchat the the other day I happened to ask if anyone had this book. My Friend Vintage yells, I do I do and bless her heart 4 days later I had it in my hot little hand.
This will make my up coming project so much easier.
Also, tucked in side was this cute little card. The nine patch block is only
2 inch x two inch. lol and it says, "A queen size quilt is 84 x 92- 3,435 of these little jobbers.
What do you suppose are the odds of finishing the top before Jesus comes back?" LOL

Then, this is just sooooo darn cute. This is a child's apron that Vintage also had in the package. OH MY GOSH it is darling!! Made from a Ladies Hankie, cut into 4 equal quarters. Three quarters make the bottom edge and one quarter makes the little pocket.
Well, this got my mind going, HMM wonder if you could do the same thing but larger? So, I may try to make this on a larger scale.

Thank you so much Vintage, your friendship is so special to me. You will never know just how special you are. You fill a spot in my heart. Thank-you again dear friend.