Saturday, February 14, 2009

when a quilters passes away

I was given the news that a very dear friend of mine passed away this week after a very courageous battle with cancer.
Sharon will be deeply missed by her family and friends
But, her quilts will live on for years and I am lucky enough to own a few of them.
I sat down this morning and put down a few words. This is unedited, they are words from my heart. Sharon, I will miss you.

When a quilter passes away.

The sewing machine will now gather dust
The rotary cutter will begin to rust.
The sewing room will have a strange hush
When a quilter passes away

Her family will gather the stash
It’s hard for them to know what to keep
Her guild may get a big heap
When a quilter passes away

The quilt’s she has made in the past
Now become treasures and stored to last
A symbol of her love they will stay
When a quilter passes away.