Monday, September 29, 2008

Block 4 is also done

Well, here is block 4 and yes, it is done. This has been a great project so far. There are only 5 blocks left. I will keep you up to date on the progress. Check back often you never know when I will be posting new photos.


Block 3 is done

As I said, "Check back soon" lol yes it's done. Block 3 was really neat. I think I was able to keep all the points. You be the judge.

Block 4 is up next. It too is almost done.


Block 2 is now done

WOW that was fast. LOL Block #2 is now done

I was a bit harder but all in all not to bad.
Check back soon, :)
Block #3 is almost done.

Block 1 is done

Block one of the, "Baltimore Blues" quilt by Sindy Rodenmayer is done! That wasn't so bad, step two is ready to go.
Check back soon.