Friday, November 14, 2008

Ultimate Cowboy Challenge

The barn where I board my horse has this "Cowboy Challenge" every year and WOW what fun!!!
They took the time to set up all kinds of different obstacles to test the horse and rider.
Cross a bridge
Jump or walk over rail road ties
Cross a ditch
Cross a dirt road
Jump a ditch
Ride up to the chicken coop and remove an egg (while in your saddle)
Ride a few feet and give the egg to a judge without breaking it.
Back through some hay bails
Get mail out of the mail box
Cross the road
Walk into the pond and around a fence
Cross the road
Remove a tarp from a barrel and drag it be hind your horse (LOL) lost a few riders there
Cross the road open the gate into the arena
Shoot a 22 at a target while on your horses back.
Close the gate
Finally, Load your horse onto a trailer
The whole time you are being timed, lol and earning points.
It was so much fun, and a great lesson as to what you need to work on for next year LOL
Although Bear and I had to pass on the pond, and the tarp he also would NOT load onto the trailer. LOL
All in all we had a great time. It is so neat getting together with other riders and just letting loose and having fun. After the ride a dish to pass dinner was shared by all of us and there was even a bond fire.
It was just a great!!
Enjoy the photos.