Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Center is Done

Yep, the center is done I will do the hand embroidery while I watch TV tonight.  I still have the leaves to make but when they are done I will have all the components to add the borders. 


Nine Patch Blocks

The 4 nine patch blocks are now done.  Now onto the sewing down of the butterflies. 




Step 4 finished

Butterflies and flowers are all turned and ready for applique.






onto step 5

Step 4 so much fun

So, I have now ironed on all the freezer paper templates onto the back of the fabrics.  Now I will use my funny looking appliqué scissors to cut out around the templates. 


Step 3 templates done

I have cut out all of the freezer paper templates,

4 butterflies

20 flowers

22 leaves 



Step 2 weekend project

Fabrics have been chosen.  I pulled from my 1930’s stash. 



Sorry for the Interruption

The hubby took me Christmas shopping.  I am very happy to say that I am ALMOST done.  :)

So, I will get back to my weekend project starting NOW!  lol