Monday, June 29, 2009

Recovery is going well

Today was a good day. I even sat at the sewing machine for about 20 min. I haven't been up to the barn yet to see Bear, or have I been over to see Skittles. But, I am feeling much better.

The home health nurse came in today and decided I only need her to visit just one day for the next two weeks. I return to the surgeon on the 13th and she wants to see me until then. I am hoping he will lift my restrictions. Having a 10 pound lifting, no pushing or pulling restrictions sure can put a cramp in my style. LOL

I still have some swelling in my right leg where the vein was taken, but the black and blue is all gone. I have a few places that are very hard, just the body healing. I know it is a little less then two weeks post-operation, but I really wish things would hurry up and get some what back to normal. LOL

I know I should be very happy with the way things are going. But, I am not one to sit around and let people wait on me. It is soooo hard for me.

Well, have a great night
Hope you and your families are all safe and sound.
Until I post again, Peaceful Piecing.


Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

I am glad to hear your recovery is proceeding well, even if not as fast as you'd like.

Betweens said...

penny so glad things are recovering as planned..enjoy this time you will be able to run 2wice as fast and just as long when you are "fully" recovered. thank about some hand work for now until you are able.. aren't there any quilts that need binding?? LOL

June said...

Good to hear your recovering, take it easy. Dont try to rush the healing process, it all takes time.