Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Quilts for Sale

Well, I have a large pile of quilts that are just sitting here. So, I am going to sell some of them. Here is a list and photos of the ones that I am offering. For more information please e-mail me ninepatches@yahoo.com

Two Color Blue

This quilt is two colors, a navy blue floral and a solid rich cream.
Custom machine quilted to match the floral print.
This quilt measures 80 inches x 100 inches

Piece of Cake
This is a Thimbleberries quilt done is rich country colors using a plaid boarder.
This quilt measures 82 inches x 103 inches

Quilters Garden

This quilt is made from all Thimbleberries fabrics. Each block represents different flowers found in a garden. This quilt measures 83 inches x 101 inches

Country Village

This quilt is made from Thimbleberries fabrics depicting a country village set on a cream print background. This quilt measures 85 inches x 105 inches

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