Sunday, May 11, 2008

OH MY~~What a weekend

It has been a crazy weekend!

Started out on Friday, I opened the e-mail and there was two orders for patterns. No big deal, counted them out, printed invoices and off to the post office I went. Saturday I got up and opened e-mail and found three more orders for patterns lol. I was feeling really pleased, counted them out, sent the invoices and off to the post office I went.

Well, this morning I opened my e-mail, and there they were. 6 more orders for patterns, for a total of 72 pattern. LOL at this point, I am a little over whelmed and have recruited help. LOL
Randy and the girls helped me count out, package up, and I did the invoices. So, first thing tomorrow off to the post office I will go. :)

I'm almost afraid to open my e-mail this afternoon. But, to be honest, it's so rewarding to see others enjoying my pattern and all of my hard work is finally PAYING off.
Have a great day

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