Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here I Go Again :)

Make sure you are sitting down, I didn't think I would ever say this, I LOVE APPLIQUE!! So much so that I have started another applique quilt top

LOL Take a deep breath before you pass out. LOL
One day while in #Quiltchat we were talking about Block's of the Month found on the Internet. A website called, "Fat Cat Patterns" was mentioned and the following URL was flashed,

Oh am I in trouble deep! LOL I fell in love with the, "Baltimore Blues" block of the month. I even had the perfect fabric. I had a lot of the same fabric that I am using for my, "Taylor's Tulips" bom.

The "Baltimore Blues" is started, block one is done and block 2 is cut out. I just might start appliqueing it tonight.

I will post a photo of block 1 tomorrow and if I don't go to bed to early block 2 might be there too. LOL
Peaceful Piecing.


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pennyquilts said...

Glad to hear you've fallen in love with applique! I never thought I would either - but now I have three applique projects on the go - I very much liked the baltimore blues pattern and have saved most - but its not on my list of must do's yet! Good luck!