Sunday, October 5, 2008

I have such a sweet friend!!

Judy, a dear friend of mine gave me a GRRRRRate birthday gift.
A "SideWinder" I love it!!! And, as you can see it is PINK, a reminder to do my breast exam. Plus, I no longer have to un-thread my sewing machine to wind a bobbin.

Thank you so much Judy!!!

Love you


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Ele said...

You are gonna love that little toy, kiddo. I have used mine so many times since I got it for myself. Gee, how come my friends don't gift me with neat stuff like yours do? Just make sure you lay in a stock of batteries, cause you will go thru your first set real quick, because it is just so fun to wind lots of bobbins at first. Smile when you push that little button.