Saturday, January 24, 2009

How many quilt tops left?

In QuiltChat the other day someone asked, "how many quilt tops do you have left"? So, I was curious myself. I took out all of my tops from the right side of the cupboard and put them into two piles, ones that will fit on the grace frame and ones that won't fit onto the grace frame.

Here's the totals:
Will fit 16 Won't fit 14 To be hand quilted 3
Grand total 33 tops that still need to be quilted. LOL
Not very likely that I will run out of things to to do. LOL

So my goal, for the next few months, is not to sew anything new except the BOM's and try and quilt up as much as I can. Hmmm wonder if I could find a Longarmer who would give me a group discount for the quilts that won't fit on the Grace frame. LOL

I'm off to the sewing room, going to load a new quilt onto the grace frame.
Take care

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Kristie said...

giggle....try 73 quilt tops! Yep! That is what I have! I have them all listed on my sidebar! I have a 30yrd roll of batting and I plan on ordering my longarm in a few weeks! I hope to knock a big dent in them this year!