Sunday, March 29, 2009

Going to be a long day

In the past I have tried to keep my posts up beat and cheery. Well, today is the exception. In 2001 I had a stent placed in my left Lilac Vein to improve blood flow in that leg. Three weeks ago we found out that the stent is blocked, which is causing me to have a lot of swelling in that leg. SO, on Wed. we will be traveling 3 hours to a major medical hospital and I will have surgery to replace the stent. The Dr is also hoping he can open the vein at the same time. If he can it will improve the blood flow.

In the mean time I have been in pain and unable to work on to many sewing projects. I can't sit for very long and have to lay in bed or in my chair with my feet up.

I am asking that you keep me in your prayers on Wed. and please pray for successful outcome.
Hugs to you all


Lyn said...

Lots of good wishes coming your way for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

SU said...

Don't worry, everything will gona be allright. God will be with you and He'll guide your doctors hands.
I'll be praying for you since now.
Please let us know about you.
Brazilian hugs, SU

MYRA said...

Oh my goodness Penny! You take care now! Best wishes for all to go well, and a good and speedy recovery...