Sunday, March 22, 2009

Things are sorta slow here in PA

I have been having problems with my leg again. So, I am not sitting at the sewing machine but working on making flowers and butterflies for my current project, a quilt I designed in EQ-5.
I can do them while sitting in my recliner with my leg up on pillows.

This quilt will have 147 nine patch blocks. The blocks are only 5 inch by 5 inch so they will be set with a white alternate block. The open altrenate blocks won't be open for long. I will be appliqueing flowers and/or butterflies.

As you can see, in the photo below, the colors I'm using are VERY bright. The finishing plans are to have it machine quilted with a bright variegated thread.

I hope you have a wonderful day.



W. Latane Barton said...

Sorry you are having trouble with your leg. I've been there so it's no fun. I am looking forward to seeing your nine patch applique quilt. Hope you will post pictures of the progress as you go along.

Pauline said...

hey mate, sorry to hear that leg of yours is giving you grief again,,,you look after yourself...cant wait to see the finished the brights.

MYRA said...

Sorry to hear you are having to "sit out" with your leg up! I hope the pain eases for you soon...
Love you brights! Gorgeous fabrics! 8-)