Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Quilt tops

Someone asked to see my 35+ tops. LOL so, this was the easiest way to show them.

In the pile on the left there are 22 queen/king size. The center pile has just 2 tops in it, they are queen size and will be hand quilted. The pile on the right has 13 twin/full size tops. There are 4 tops on hangers that didn't make it in the photo.

I guess I have my work cut out for me. I really should stop sewing and start quilting. LOL


Betweens said...

Penny you made my day I love that you are so brave to show your wonderful tops...should I dig mine out? should I remind myself how many I have to quilt...I think I will wait a bit I have to many other tops to make first..LOL
Good luck.. I will be following to see how you fair

Sherry said...

I'm with you on this topic. I need to stop sewing & start quilting. You're braver than I am, I'm afraid to count all of my quilt tops. LOL Thanks for sharing!