Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Touching Base

A very dear friend reminded me yesterday that I hadn't updated my blog in a few days and when I don't, "she gets worried" LOL

So, here is a brief up date:
The quilt "Star's all around" is back from the quilter. If you recall, this is the lone star quilt that I was hired to make for a couple. It is a gift from the husband to his wife. The quilting is WOW!! out of this world. I would show a photo but they don't want to see it until it is Done Done. I have the binding yet to do and finish the dust ruffle.

I quilted my first customer quilt this past week, working on the binding now. I will post photos soon. I am also doing the binding on that one as well.

The Y2K quilt is all pieced and is now on the long arm. My goodness, the sucker is HUGE!!! it is over 110x110. Then I will have the binding to do on that one too.

I finished 2 more pillow cases for a grand total of 42, 8 more and I will have reached my goal of 50, 25 for men 25 for women. I am using up fabric from Sharon's and will donate the pillow cases to a local personal care home. They can't wait to get them. This really has been a rewarding project for me.
I will post a photo of them too, and our local news paper is going to do a story about my special gift.

Now the biggest news of all!
I bought a NEW car!! I am the proud new owner of a Chevy Equinox LT2 all wheel drive. Leather heated seats, xm radio, sun roof, remote start. All the ding dongs bells and whistles. LOL I love it!!!! The "new" car smell is soooo nice.
The car is Silver, with grey leather and black trim. I'm still learning where all the buttons are and what they are for. LOL

Well, that should be enough to keep your head spinning for awhile. If we ever see some sunshine again I will take and post some new photos. I have a lot so show you.

Well, until next time.
Peaceful Piecing

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