Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Heart of Roses

Well, I pinned the last of Sharon's quilts onto the long arm today. This quilt is called, "Heart of Roses" and is all hand appliqued. Sharon and I first saw this quilt in Lancaster and we both bought the patten book. Sharon has made so many of these. She was a master at needle turn applique. The reason it is the last to be pinned on was because I was so worried about doing this quilt justice on the long arm. Sharon would have hand quilted this quilt and I want to honor her with the best quilting I can do.

Well, I think she would have been happy with it so far. I am really proud of how it looks so far.

Left side of the pillow tuck

Center applique of the pillow tuck

Left side of the pillow tuck applique

I will post more photos at the end of my time at the long arm tomorrow.


Lyn said...

I KNEW you could do it... It is turning out wonderful... Sharon would have loved it.

Penny said...

Thank you Lyn,
I have the pillow tuck area finished and have advanced the quilt and I'm working on the center now. LOL Not sure if I was brave or stupid to take on this quilt. LOL