Monday, December 15, 2008

Ginger Bread Man Terrorist

This poor Ginger bread cookie cutter has been deemed a Terrorist. LOL He was found in a box being mailed to Canada. LOL Customs agents rejected his first attempt into the country, but after a repacking, he reached is final destination. LOL

I sent a Christmas package to a friend in Canada, days later the box was returned. The metal cookie cutter did not make it threw the x-ray machine at the border. I repackaged the box, wrapping the cookie cuter in fabric and this time the box went threw just fine and the box was delivered Friday. LOL
Well my friend, Aunty-Social, has a warped sense of humor and made our little terrorist look the part. LOL This is just to funny. The Ginger Bread Man Terrorist was born. LOL
Merry Christmas

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