Thursday, December 11, 2008

Icy day here in PA

Well, winter is finally here and it's about time. We woke up to some freezing rain that coated the deck. The girls were upset that there was no delay. But, they are getting out early. The school is closing at 12:30 just what I want to do after it has been sleeting for 3 hours, drive across town to pick up the girls at school. We live in a small town and the school does not offer them bus service. SO, I get to be mom taxi, drive 6 blocks, all down hill pick them up from school drive 6 blocks back UP hill. LOL

Anyway, the Ohio Rose blocks are coming along, I now have 8 stitched, 7 glued and the rest of the 20 block parts cut out. I am hoping to have all 20 of the blocks glued onto the background by this afternoon. The goal for this quilt is to have it put together by the end of next week. I already have fabric waiting for the next applique quilt project. LOL

As if I don't have enough to do, in between there somewhere I have a quilt to finish for a teacher at school. She has hired me to make a quilt for a Christmas gift. I made a Turning Twenty using homespun fabrics. It really did turn out neat and a great gift for a man. The backing is a black paisley and she wants it stippled with black thread. My goal for that one is to have it done by the middle of next week.

Keep checking back, I will update you often on how my Ohio Rose quilt is coming along.
Peaceful Piecing

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