Saturday, December 13, 2008

How will I spend my snowed in Day?

Well, yesterday it continued to snow and the girls had no school I love a snow day!!

Today in QuiltChat we exchanged our Stockings, it's a tradition that's done every year. Each of us were assigned a secret swapper and each of us make a stocking for that swapper and fill it with little quilty gadgets. The friend who sent to me was Eva/Nisse.
My stocking was sooo pretty, made from homespun fabric filled with a fq, that will match some fabric I have in my stash. There was also a knit picker and quilter tool ID tags. BUT, tucked down in the bottom of the box wraped in tissue paper was...........Electric Quilt 5.
She went WAY over board and sent me EQ-5. OH MY GOODNESS!!!

I love it, love it LOVE IT!!! When I opened my box I was speechless

SO, Guess how I am spending my snowed in Day? LOL Shouldn't take you long to figure it out. I am so excited.

Thank you so much Eva, Bless your heart.


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