Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Current BOM's

I have been asked for more information on the Bom's that I am doing and where to find them. They are both free on the Internet and both have yahoo e-mail groups for support.
This first one is called "Foolish Goose Tracks" and is designed by Heather Finnell, of "Burning the Midnight Oil", it can be found on line at the following link:
The first installment had been posted, so it is now under way.

The second is called, "Now and Forever", it is designed by Beth Ferrier of, "Applewood Farm Publications". It can be found at the following website:

She as asked that you do not post the photo for others to see with out written permission so I won't post a photo here. But, you go to her website you can see the bom. The fabric list has been posted but this bom does not start until Feb.

Hope that information helps those who asked for more information.

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