Friday, November 13, 2009

Off To the quilter

I just love my quilting friend. :) She has agreed to take on yet another one of my projects. She has, "Mary's Rose Garden" it will be my mothers. I am also sending her "Feathered PinWheel". This top was done 2 years ago. I marked it and even started some quilting. BUT! I hate the hand quilting part. So, Elle said she would take it on and finish it for me. LOL I am going to owe her my first born, lol wonder what Amanda's husband would say about that. LOL

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Ele said...


He would probably say in a very sarcastic tone, "thanks a lot", Mom. LOL I have 3 daughters, but have only met one of their hubbies, and he did not call me anything. LOL This looks like a fun project to play with and it is loud enough to keep me awake while stitching.

Many quilty hugs,