Friday, November 13, 2009

The sewing machine has been put away

That's right! LOL I have put the sewing machine away. She was ready for some much needed time off. LOL I have TWO! hand quilting projects I want to get finished. So, today I pulled out my Feathered Star. I have most of the white background quilted and will start the stars when that's done. I still have to decide what color quilting thread to use on them. I have decided to put more quilting on the white. I want this quilt to be a "show worthy" quilt and that means, when a quarter is dropped on the quilt it must touch quilting. I have to many open spots. This is my winter project. I'm looking forward to some down time.

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Betweens said...

Penny that is really a good idea!! I think that I may have to bring myself to do that as well so that I can get some of my hand quilting done. It may stop me from also taking on anymore projects as well.. You are a smart cookie.